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Bacich Math Matters

Welcome to the Bacich Math Matters website.  This is intended to provide parents with useful information and resources to support student learning at home.  It includes information about our core curriculum, Eureka Math as well as other resources to engage learners in critical thinking, problem solving and reasoning skills.  Be sure to check out the links, activities, and suggestions on this website with your child as it is an excellent resource for students to access independently as well.

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  Bacich Math Team


The math team is comprised of a teacher from each grade level guided by our math coach.  The team meets regularly to address components of our math program:

TK -   Jen Wallen

Kinder - Thalia Milano

1st - Nancy Kaneshiro

2nd - Lindsay Zerzan

3rd - Katy Colwell

4th - Denise Marshall   

Math Coach - Fran Yang



Link to details about the

California State Standards: 


California State Standards


Standards Progressions

Standards Initiative Description


Grade-Level Specific Indicators for the Math Practices


Inside Mathematics Video Examples by Grade Level


What Your Student Will Learn K-2 - Math 


What Your Student Will Learn 3-5 - Math


Frequently Asked Questions


How does Bacich utilize Eureka Math Sprints without the time-limit component?



Will traditional algorithms be taught as well as other methods for computation?

When the Standard Algorithm Is the Only Algorithm Taught

Standard Algorithms in the State Standards

One Grade Level Example: Multi-Digit Whole Number Subtraction

Misconceptions about Multiple Strategies


Why does the regrouping look different in the addition and multiplication algorithms?  What is the "new groups below' method?


New Groups Below in the State Standards (pg. 10 diagram)

One Grade Level Example: Addition 


Eureka Math Links

Bacich utilizes the Eureka Math Story of Units as our core math curriculum.   This program provides the scope and sequence regarding concepts, as well as continuity in our math program from kindergarten through fifth grade.  We utilize many resources to engage students in the math practices in addition to utilizing the Eureka Math materials.

Eureka Math newsletters and more are available in Spanish at this Pinterest board.

Click on your grade level to access more video support for working with your child at home.

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